Vandalia Research

is a biotechnology custom manufacturing organization specializing in the large-scale production of DNA sequences.

Vandalia Research is the first company to successfully scale-up the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) from an analytical tool to a viable large-scale manufacturing process, enabling DNA sequences to be made more efficiently and cost-effectively. Read more about Triathlon™. Vandalia is helping companies develop vaccines, diagnostics, bio-agriculture, and gene therapies for existing and emerging markets, and is well-positioned as a key supplier for the research, clinical, and commercialization stages of these products.

Vandalia Research was formed in March 2004 as a startup from Marshall University in Huntington, WV. Vandalia has placed strong emphasis on research and development directed to specific market needs, with the primary objective of commercializing novel biotechnology instrumentation and advanced biotechnology manufacturing techniques.

Vandalia is developing tools, such as the Triathlon, to be competitive in a large marketplace. Vandalia is using these tools to market DNA products and services to industrial, education, and government institutions. In addition, Vandalia is seeking strategic partnerships to broaden the use of our novel instrumentation and manufacturing techniques. For more information about partnerships, please contact us.

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