Vandalia Research has provided DNA for numerous applications. While many applications that we assist customers with remain proprietary and confidential, we are able to share some of the work our customers have done with our products. Additionally, Vandalia has active research and development in several application areas.

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DNA Vaccines

  • Whitepaper on Linear Expression Cassettes (LEC’s) for DNA Vaccines
  • Collaboration with Inovio Pharmaceuticals: First Proprietary DNA Vaccine Achieves 100% Protection Against Avian Flu in Pre-Clinical Testing


RNA Delivery

  • External Research – Inhibition of hepatitis B virus replication with linear DNA sequences expressing antiviral micro-RNA shuttles
  • External Research – RNAi Therapy Mediated by Linear DNA Cassettes

Molecular Probes

Gene Therapy

  • External Research – Linear DNAs Concatemerize in Vivo and Result in Sustained Transgene Expression in Mouse Liver


  • Vandalia Presents Aptamer Research at BIO 2007



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