Vandalia offers custom DNA manufacturing services using its patent-pending Triathlon™ production system. The Triathlon™ is the first system and process to enable the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to be used for the large-scale manufacturing of DNA sequences.


The Triathlon™ enables the replication of specific portions of a DNA molecule, important for many applications. The primary existing method for DNA production, plasmid preparation, requires a complex, multi-step, expensive and difficult to control process accompanied by certain extraneous sequences which are produced alongside the DNA of interest. This can result in 3- to 10-fold waste products being produced, significantly increasing costs.


Triathlon™ enables a DNA molecule to be selected, amplified, and optimized for production within a few days. Existing methods, such as plasmid production, require extensive optimization and lengthy down-stream processing.


Triathlon™ DNA is 2 to 3-fold more cost-effective than plasmid production, and up to 10-fold more cost effective than the standard PCR process. This allows the company to compete for business across a wide range of applications.

Custom Large-Scale DNA Production Services

  • Linear, double-stranded DNA
  • Labeled or unlabeled ends
  • Fully custom service
  • Extensive QA/QC available
  • Produced cell-free
  • Cost-effective alternative to plasmid and oligo synthesis.
  • Capable of producing to milligram and gram quantities.

The Triathlon™ is a patent-pending system invented by Vandalia Research to enable the mass production of specific, high-quality DNA sequences with the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a thermo-chemical reaction that replicates DNA outside of a cell.

While PCR has many advantages for DNA manufacturing, there have been barriers because of thermal limitations with rapid heating and cooling of aqueous mixtures. Typically, generating large quantities of DNA using PCR requires that the reaction mixture be distributed into very small tubes for thermal cycling. The reaction mix is subsequently collected and combined before the DNA products can be used. The Triathlon™, however, scales a PCR reaction from the bench to an industrial production system.

The Triathlon™’s primary advantage is a continuous method for heating and cooling the PCR reagents, which facilitates processing unlimited volume without having to pool the products from multiple small tubes. This results in reduced labor, decreased turnaround time, and, most critically, a reduction in the number of opportunities for contamination. The Triathlon™ enables PCR to cost-effectively transition from research to production.

Vandalia Research is now capable of providing milligram and gram quantities of custom PCR-amplified DNA for a variety of applications. Working closely with customers allows Vandalia Research to respond rapidly to their novel applications for PCR products with a high-quality product and excellent turnaround time.